9th Virginia Cavalry Company B, Roscoe, IL © Copyright 2018


9th Virginia Cavalry Company B & McGregor’s Battery Horse Artillery

Lexington Rifles

One of the finest dismounted cavalry units in the Midwest.  Always a professional and crack fighting unit.

Battery G, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery

One of the premiere artillery units in the Midwest even with three original barrels (two 12-lb Napoleons and one 20-lb Parrott) in their arsenal.  When we need a little excitement, they are always more than willing to let us charge them and try to take their guns.

In an effort to stay warm during winter quarters, Suzy has everything a soldier needs to make the cold easier to bear.  She raises historic breeds of sheep using 19th century farming methods to produce historically accurate wool yarn.  

Equipment for the reenactor.  Almost everything one could possibly want or need to build an accurate Civil War impression.


Suzy, The Sheperdess

Blockade Runner

Bison Saddlery

If one is looking for something a little different to enhance a Civil War Confederate impression or if one is interested in pre-1840's horse equipment, this is the man to see.  Steve will custom-make any historically-accurate tack requested by the client.  Created out of European leather and completely handsewn, these pieces are not just leather goods, but are works of art.

Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

A helpful research tool to search for regiments and individual soldiers and sailors run by the National Parks Service.

Civil War Trust

The virtual home of the largest organization with the mission of saving our Civil War battlefields to preserve our history and heritage and honor the sacrifice of the thousands of men and women who gave their lives in the war.

9th Virginia Cavalry - Oregon

A complete history of the 9th Virginia Regiment of Cavalry in the Civil War provided by the 9th Virginia Cavalry out of Oregon.  The site includes a regimental history, rosters, cavalry tactics manual, horse and rider training, military etiquette, and drill.  Everything one ever needs to be a cavalryman.

Civil War.Org

A helpful research site to loaded with information on the Civil War

Civil War ladies

This Civil War Ladies website can provide you with books, CDVs and Civil War fashion plates, plus other information to teach you about the Civil War styles and inspire you to make your own Civil War Ladies outfit.

Illinois Civil War History

A good resource on Illinois role in the Civil War. Illinois contributed many soldiers to both the Union and Confederate armies throughout the war.

History of Wartime Nursing

Tells the story of true hero's during our nations wars...Nurses