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9th Virginia Cavalry Company B & McGregor’s Battery Horse Artillery



McGregor's Battery Horse Artillery

McGregor's Battery Horse Artillery

AKA: Stuart Horse Artillery, Brown's Artillery Battery, Henry's Artillery Battery, Flying Artillery

McGregor’s Battery of Stuart’s 2nd Horse Artillery was in existence from November 1862 to

April 1865 under the command of William Morrell McGregor.

McGregor was a lawyer from Talladega, AL. He enlisted as a private and served with Cos. E 10th Alabama Infantry Regiment. He fought in one battle at Drainsville, VA and then in 1862 transferred to J.E.B. Stuart’s Horse Artillery with his boyhood friend, John Pelham.

From this period on he fought to the war’s end McGregor rose from private to Major commanding an artillery battalion. He fought in 19 major campaigns and most minor engagements involving Stuart’s Horse Artillery.

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