9th Virginia Cavalry Company B, Roscoe, IL © Copyright 2018


9th Virginia Cavalry Company B & McGregor’s Battery Horse Artillery

Rules & Regulations


*Every reenactor, adult, or adults responsible for minors, must register upon arrival or as soon as possible and sign an indemnity waiver.

*All troops must be assigned to a unit.

*Separate camps for Union, Confederate, and civilian impressions. Upon registration, you will be directed to your designated area.

*Reenactors may begin arriving Friday morning.

*No non-period firearms or other weapons will be allowed in the encampment.

*No rank above Captain will be recognized, excepting medical and specialty impressions, without prior approval from and by the organizers.

*All troops will be required to take part in mandatory or special drills and exhibit proficiency in the “Manual of Arms”. If an individual does not take part in drill, that individual will not be able to take part in the battle reenactment that day. This requirement may be waived for individuals who demonstrate proficiency in the “Manual of Arms” to their unit Commander’s satisfaction.

*All units must conduct safety inspections prior to each battle. Units which do not, will not be allowed to take the field.

*There will be no discharging of weapons off the designated battlefield or drill areas without permission.

*If a woman is portraying a first person military impression, she must conceal her feminine features, with the exception of vivandieres or other proof of historical evidence.

*All officers are required to attend the Officer’s Calls. (see schedule)

*Reenactor-owned pets will be allowed in the encampment by advance permission of the organizers only.

*There will be no re-enactor, military or civilian, sales to the public within the encampment. Only pre-approved sutlers will be allowed sales within the Sutler Square.

*There will be No Motorized Vehicles within the encampment during open camp hours, with the exceptions of emergency and handicapped conveyances.

*Children are welcome but are not the responsibility of the hosts. For their safety, they must be supervised at all times.


*It will be up to the respective commanding officer’s discretion whether or not a minor (under the age of 18) will take the field.

*Swords will be carried on the battlefield by officers only.

*Pistols will be loaded with black powder and cream of wheat type substance.

*Properly pre-loaded extra cylinders will be allowed on the field to extend pistol use.

*No powder flasks or loose powder will be allowed on the field.

*No modern “quick loads” will be allowed for muskets.


*Anyone manning the front of cannon MUST be at least 18 years of age.

*Artillery short swords will be allowed as historically dictated.

*For cannon participating in both the live-fire event and battle reenactment, there will be a dual safety inspection.

*No cannons smaller than a Mountain Howitzer will be allowed.


*Horse owners MUST present a current and valid Coggins test certification upon registration.

*Water, straw, and hay will be provided. Please bring your own feed.

*No stallions will be allowed.

*Tack will be historically appropriate.


U.S. Marshall will be responsible for the safety and conduct of civilian impressions.


*Campfires—please remove sod carefully, keep moist, and replace before leaving event.

*Clean up your campsites before you leave. Absolutely no trash or refuse to be buried in fire pits.

*All participants, military and civilian, must dress in period style clothing and act in the manner appropriate for the era within the encampment during open camp hours. There shall be NO modern articles visible during open camp hours.

*Please exhibit self-control and moderation if consuming the devil’s brew in period vessels.

*Camp will be quiet at and after midnight on Friday and Saturday.

*Camp will break at the bugle call on Sunday shortly after the battle.

*Please interact appropriately and knowledgeably with the public. Be prepared for guided encampment tours.

Please do not violate the above rules. We do not want to be in a position to ask you to leave.

SUTLERS: A compliment of sutlers will be present. They will attend by invitation only.

AMENITIES: Sanitary portable units, (port-a-potties)

*Firewood will be available.

*Potable water will be provided.

*Breakfasts and lunches on Sat. and Sun. will be available at park.

*Secure designated parking for reenactors and sutlers within the park grounds.

*Dress Military/Civilian Ball Saturday evening (barring inclement weather) .

*Ambulances will be present during the battles.

*Ecumenical Church Call Sunday morning at the park.

*Guided Encampment Tours throughout the weekend.

*Period Workshops and Demonstrations throughout the weekend.

*First Person Impressions.

1. Personnel Bounties

Applies only to pre-registered and certified units/organizations which take the field (all units must provide a Federal W9 form in order to receive payment as per the City of Elgin)

2. Cavalry Bounties

Mounted only which take the field. Applies only to military impressions from pre-registered and certified units/organizations.

A. $35/horse (15 horses per side) per pre-registered and certified horse fielded both Saturday and Sunday
B.  Straw bedding and water for horses, hay will be provided.

3. Artillery Bounties – limited to the 1st 12 (6 per side) pre-registered no later than May 1, 2017

Applies only to military impressions from pre-registered and certified units/organizations.

1.$100 for each full scale or 3/4-scale artillery piece (mountain howitzer or bigger)

2. No ¼ size artillery allowed;

4. Only one Elgin Civil War Experience bounty per cannon.

5. * Due to physical constraints and field safety, the number of cannon utilized on the battlefield will be limited to first 6 registered per side.

6. Infantry will be provided musket caps